At Dodd & Dodd we focus on the kinds of plants we like.

We like natives. We feel plants chosen from our southernmost range will be more adaptable to the Southern garden and will perhaps move North more easily than northern range plants move South. And native plants planted in the right place require less supplemental water and less 'maintenance'.

We also keep looking for new species and new forms of old species. More diversity will create an economic climate that will allow growers to produce a wider variety of good plants and more for gardeners - and everyone - to enjoy.

So that's what we grow - good natives and good new plants.


You can discover more about all of our plants, or chose the ones you are especially interested in, by selecting from the criteria below.
These lists include our basic inventory. Although you can get all of the plants some of the time, and some of the plants all of the time, all of the plants are not necessarily ready all of the time. Our current availability is right here.

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